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Films with a twist effect designed specifically for the confectionery industry. The twist effect is achieved due to the fact that the material of the main layer of the film is oriented in one direction and has a high residual deformation, i.e. the ability to keep the twist when packing candy. It should be noted that the manufacture of this type of packaging is a rather complicated process that requires the use of expensive equipment and films of good quality – with a stable slip, high rigidity and coagulability. However, the future is definitely wrapped up with a twist effect.

Films with a “twist effect”, as a rule, consist of 3 or more coextruded layers of polymeric materials – polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene, polyvinyl chloride, the inner one of which performs the function of preserving and maintaining the attached form.

Twist-film advantage:

the convenience of use;
increase the shelf life of the product;
high aesthetic appeal;
profitability – films with a twist effect have a higher “yield” than, for example, paper-based compositions and do not require energy consumption during welding;
ease of processing.

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