Package making

> Package making

It is possible to manufacture Doy-Pack bags, three-seam bags and bags with side folds using our equipment.
Our lactation equipment is able to work with all kinds of films and produce products of high quality. Packages can be equipped with ZIP-clasps, notches for opening, comfortable cutting handles. Also packages can have the original rounded edges and small openings for air.
The machines are able to operate with all mono- or extrusion films on PE- or PP-based, both sealed and unprinted, and produce products of the highest standards with the best quality. The welding process can be carried out sequentially in several stages, gradually reaching the mode of a given operating temperature. In this case, the heating temperature of the welding knives is controlled individually, eliminating excessive thermal load on the film.
It is additionally possible to manufacture coffee pacts with special soldering valves that extend shelf-life of a packed product.

Quality control
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